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Brandenburger Tor Photo Tea Sissonen

For the fourth time a group of students studying German at Karelia UAS together with their German teacher Kaija Sankila organized a study trip to Germany in October. This time the trip started in week 42 in Dresden where we visited our partner university Hochschule für Technic and Wirtschaft. We took part in English classes at two campuses: in Pillnitz where the Horticulture and Gardening students study and in the classes of Geo-information and Engineering at the central campus in Friedrich-List-Platz.
The second part of the study trip took place in week 43 in Berlin and Brandenburg at our long-time partner university Technische Hochschule Wildau. The overall aim of the study trip is to improve students’ competences regarding internationalization and thus lower the threshold of going abroad for a study semester or an internship.

Participating in the study trip entails both planning and implementing the programme and the itinerary. The students prepared presentations both in English and German for the classes and we planned together the sights and cultural programme that would deepen the knowledge about Germany and its culture.
In the following you will gain some insights and authentic experiences directly from the study trip participants.

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Our study trip to Germany started in Dresden and on the first day we had some free time in the morning as our teacher had meetings with the university staff members. So, I decided to just walk around and have a look at the beautiful architecture of Dresden. I visited some cafes and shops in the city center. Later we went together for a walk and saw some of the most popular places in Dresden, such as, Dresdner Frauenkirche, Semperoper, Dresdner Zwinger, Dresdner Residenzschloss, Dresden Kreuzkirche, Fürstenzug.  At the end of the day we went back to the hostel to recover and prepare for the next day. (Maila)

Dresden Photo Maila Kiuru

Thursday 18 October 2018

We met at the hostel lobby at around 8:30 and went to the first of the two campuses in the agenda that week in Pillnitz. Since the campus is located in the outskirts of the city we went there by bus. The English teacher Ms Renate Rudat was a very nice lady, by the way. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes in the location because there were horses on the side of the road. After Renate greeted us, we joined her first class. We were put into groups and we got to know each other. In my group we had a bit of a language barrier, but we got over it. We were writing on the board a few words in Finnish and German. Then we had another class at the same place a few hours later, so during the break Renate took us to the Pillnitz Palace Gardens which was very beautiful. After a coffee/tea break in a nearby cafe we joined the second class and worked together on a tree quiz, and, in my opinion, I did very well, considering my knowledge of trees is rather poor. Overall it was a very nice and long day and I really enjoyed it. (Mohamed)

Friday 19 October

Today we joined two English classes at the main campus. These were the first classes of the course as the semester starts later in Germany than in Finland so there was first the introduction to the course as well as getting to know one another. There were partner interviews in the first class and group work on business ideas in the second one.

HTW Dresden – Photo Kaija Sankila

Saturday 20 October 2018

For me this was the best day of our whole study trip. Early in the morning we met at the hostel lobby and headed for the train station to go to a tourist resort Bad Schandau. On our way there, Renate joined us and all together we continued our journey. After around one hour we finally arrived at our destination. We took a 10-minute-ferry ride to get across the river Elbe from one side to another.

The goal of our day trip was Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz, also known as Saxon Switzerland. During our trip Renate told us a lot of interesting facts about the town and the national park. It was really fascinating to walk around and listen to all these stories. At first it was not that hard to climb up the path and after some time we found a great place to take a break and have some snacks. Then we continued and walked further the path for some time. And again, we had to climb, at this time it was way harder, partly because we were starting to get tired. Also, there were quite a lot of tourists, so you had to be very careful not to get in the way of someone. When Renate said that we are almost at the top of the mountain I somehow gained strength and started to climb even faster than before. What can I say, it was definitely worth the struggle.

The view from the mountain was breathtaking, I have never been so high up from the ground. Just looking at the scenery, other mountains, colorful autumn forest made me feel really happy. We had a small picnic at the top of the mountain and then headed back, but now we took another path. All in all, we walked around 9 km in this national park so at this point we were very tired but happy. I really want to thank Renate for this experience, without her it would not have been as interesting and informative to walk around the park, so I can say that we had an excellent personal travel guide. To finish off our journey we had time for a cup of coffee and some pastries at the train station and then went back to Dresden. For me it was a very memorable day, and I really want to go back there again someday! (Maila)

Sächsische Schweiz Photo Renate Rudat

to be continued soon: Berlin and Wildau

Auf wiedersehen!


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