Chinese Entrepreneur visited North Karelia

In the beginning of November 2017, a Chinese businessman from Heilongjiang Province arrived at Joensuu for a 4-day business visit in North Karelia. The Chinese entrepreneur holds a few manufacturing companies in different industries in Heilongjiang province. He is very eager to develop cooperation possibilities with Finnish companies, particularly in North Karelia.

The visiting program was arranged by FEFE project and I was able to accompany our visitor. During the visit in Kitee, CEO of Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd. Risto Hiltunen actively assisted and participated. Our guest was very impressed by the operation in BioCone Oy and Joensuun Sänkytehdas Oy as well as the beautiful landscape around Pajarinhovi. He was especially interested in production of cross country skis in KSF Oy. In addition, he took part in the FEFE project Final Seminar held in Sokos Hotel Kimmel.

The Chinese company was very satisfied with the visit in North Karelia. He is willing to carry on all the potential cooperative intentions. The Finnish companies in North Karelia are positive towards the collaboration as well.

Meijiao Xue-Pykäläinen
Project Coordinator


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