Winter in Joensuu

Vietnam is my home country, and I was born to get adapted to the humid and subtropical weather. During the summer, the high temperature drives us crazy. Don’t be surprised,

        Vietnamese covered themselves due to strong               sunlight. (Source:

the sun is our “enemy” and everyone tries to cover themselves during day time. You may wonder if I have temperature shock and why I choose Finland as my study destination. Well, since I was a kid, I had always wanted to see snow and experience below-freezing temperatures. Finland turns out to be an awesome place with snow and real Santa. Let me tell you why I am in a love-hate relationship with the cold weather in Finland 😉

My first time admiring a snowy day was so unexpecting as I was on my way to Helsinki with some friends. The seven-hour bus trip was believed to be so long and tiring, however, none of us knew we would see the first snow at that moment. Trust me, that was the most precious memory that I couldn’t forget. Just close your eyes, imagine a forest covered with white color when the bus is going, everything looked like a scene in fairy tales. How is it possible that someone hates snow if they can see that moment?

But, to be honest…cold days make me homesick. Studying abroad is always a challenge, even for a tough one. For sure, I can enjoy my personal space, do anything at any time I want, I can party till dawn but when all is over, loneliness is the worst feeling that no one wants to experience, including me. I miss it when my family gathers to have a warm dinner and talks about our days, all the old songs my dad loves listening to every morning, also my brother’s happy face when he gets home with a good grade. The cold in Joensuu during winter sometimes makes me want to come back home, cuddle with my mom on a big and super warm bed then tell her how I am afraid of growing up. Cold days may make me want to be a child, but everyone has to grow up and experience something even more wonderful than a snowy day.

My Vietnamese classmates

Chi Nguyen

2 thoughts on “Winter in Joensuu

  1. Wahdan Arum Inawati

    Hello, how did you get there?
    Is there any scholarship at Karelia UAS?

    1. chinguyen Post author

      I took part in the entrance exam in 2016 in Vietnam and got accepted to be a student of Karelia UAS.
      At the moment, Karelia is offering 50% scholarship for non-EU students. There are two applicant periods this spring 2019: 9 – 23 January 2019 and 20 March – 3 April 2019. Apply in January, if you need a possibility to take the entrance examination outside Finland!

      Please check out our university website for new applicant periods!


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