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Finnish cuisine through my eyes

I come from an Asian country where various spices are utilized in every dish to enhance the taste of ingredients. Finnish cuisine is a whole new level to me because Finnish cuisine values the original taste of ingredients so usually it requires very few spices. 

Finland is the highest coffee consumption in the world per capita with a population of only 5.5 million people, which is impressive. I remember having my very first Finnish coffee when I flew with Finnair. I was surprised because the taste is totally different from what I always had in Vietnam. Finnish coffee beans are Arabica, which makes it less strong and somehow bitter than those I tried back home. I’m not a coffee drinker but ever since I came to Finland, I drink more often thanks to the coffee break culture here. Finnish coffee can be combined with sugar, milk or cream, not condensed milk like in Vietnam.

My first meal at Wire restaurant

Most of Finnish dishes I’ve tried were at the school’s canteen. For such a relatively low price for students, you can have salad, one cup of water and one cup of optional beverage (milk, nut milk, homemade brew, mixed juice), 2 slices of bread, various types of warm dish. I was amazed by how balanced and nutritious school meal in Finland. Furthermore, canteen also has international week such as Mexican day, Indian week or even Favorite dishes week where the top 5 dishes voted by students will be served the whole week!

My favorite Finnish dish – Baltic herring with rye

Another Finnish favorite delicacy of mine is fish (again). The thought of having fried muikku under the sun in a local flea market with friends has never failed to excite me. To me, muikku reminds me of those summer well-spent days in the warmth of sunshine with my friends in Finland. Fried muikku (Coregonus albula, vendance) is a typical dish in Finland. The fish bone is soft enough to eat. The fish is dipped into a mixture of rye, flour, salt and pepper and then deep-fry. It is usually served with garlic sauce. A simple delicacy yet very Finnish!

Muikku and garlic sauce

If you are a sweet-tooth like me, then Finnish pastry surely won’t let you down. Dallaspulla, korvapuusti (cinnamon roll, slapped ears), joulutorttu, omenapiirakka (Finnish apple pie), etc. It’s hard to tell which one is the most delicious because I like them all. I love how Finland has special cake for specific occasion so I can always have excuse to satisfy my tummy!

My daily energy – dallaspulla served with milk coffee

Finnish Christmas dish – joulutorttu and glögi (mulled wine)

Can you find your favorite Finnish dish in this post?

Ha Minh Thuy

ECMT+ Intensive program in Wildau, Germany

Two memorable and educating  weeks in studying Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams at Technische Hochschuhle Wildau, Germany.

I just came back from Wildau, German after studying 2 intensive weeks about Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams. It was a memorable and educating trip in my study path. I had chance to meet a lot of talented students form 7 universities around Europe and experts on different fields as well. During these two weeks, we formed an international team and developed business idea to solve the problem of urbanization. In the first week, there were a lot of lectures providing essential background knowledge in entrepreneurship and communication in multicultural context. The second week focused more on business models. Each group spent more time working on prototypes and consulted their coaches in order to prepare for the pitching on the last day. We also had chance to visit Berlin as part of study, where we conducted survey to improve out prototypes for the product. There were also some well- organized activities to support our study. For example,  students had chance to visit some co- working space to get an insight into entrepreneurial aspect of this city. At the end of the course, each group delivered pitches in front of the jury and awards were given to the best start-up concept, best presentation, the most surprising project and the best project selected by the students.

The first workshop

Team Finland

We meet Wildau robot at university library

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting

My group with the idea to develop a Simply Find app for shopping won Good Pitch Prize. In the late of afternoon on the last day, the hosting university organized a small event where we could try German beer and sausages, hang out and play the Beer Pong with some academic staff.

My group Simply Find won Good Pitch Prize

This IP program will be organized in Roanne, France. Stay tuned for the application period in the summer!

Image credit: ECMT+ Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams Facebook Page

Quynh Phan