When you are getting familiar with something, you will love and appreciate it more.

It was a beautiful day in August.

It was in the middle of August, I still remembered the first day when my first steps landed on Joensuu, I was surprised by the beautiful environment here, lots of trees, clean air, and a clear atmosphere. I kept thinking of a “summertime” that wouldn’t want to leave, but to stay longer to let me enjoy its warmth and greenness in Joensuu.

During this transitional time, when autumn seemed to be around the corner and summer to linger on, the sky became brightened with spectacular, colorful leaves. Joensuu – Finland did a great job to attract my first impression. The more you live, the more you love the place. I had a chance to experience the autumn here; as the weather started to rain a lot, trees were wearing a new coat yellow and orange colors. The autumn here reminded me of the cold and rainy of my hometown so much.

Winter came, Joensuu wore new clothes – new color

In Finland, the autumn lasted for few months then winter came. When coming to Finland, I packed with me a lot of warm clothes, winter boots and some stuffs for winter. In the beginning of winter, I was so excited and joyful because of beautiful snow. I spent all my time staying outside to enjoy snow, build snowman and do winter’s activities.  When the temperature dropped lower and lower and it became darker and darker my mood started to came down too. The harder the climate is, the stronger I become – I believe so. Winter lasted almost a half of year in Finland, I still had a long distance to walk but if I gave up so early, I would be a loser to the weather. Those thoughts made me feel stronger, I accepted the reality and responded positively because I believed once the winter passed, spring and summer would come again.




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