When you are getting familiar with something, you will love and appreciate it more.

Referring to Finland, I have to mention the people here. I have a chance to join in the “Friends and Family’s activities’ which is operated by my school, this meaningful activity is a connection between me – Vietnamese girl and one Finnish family. My Finnish family is passionate in cultures, cuisines and stories. We decided to meet at the weekend when we have spare time and always kept in touch by social media. Sometimes, they took me to local restaurants to experience local food and sometime we would like to prepare foods at their house. Only be with this Finnish family, I have a chance to bake some Finnish sweet things, cook Finnish cuisines and travel to famous places in Joensuu. My Finnish family likes spending times together, they love to share their own stories in life, vice versa, and they like to hear my own stories too. We always keep our best moments together in a small diary which is belonged to that Finnish family. In the diary, we share our feeling, our thoughts and our stories when we are together. Being with them, I can feel the family atmosphere and I can experience the Finnish culture.

We baked Munkki for Vappu

Our first trip to Koli

In my mind, Finnish are the nicest people I have ever known. They help me without any condition, they encourage me when I am in trouble, they show me something new that I have never known, they let me feel the closeness, they make a memorable moment when we are together. That Finnish family also helps me to get through those bad – dark days of winter, gives me a different way of thinking about winter here by taking me to the skiing place, doing winter activities together and going the ice swimming. Thanks to them for making my time in Joensuu more beautiful and meaningful ever.


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