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When you are getting familiar with something, you will love and appreciate it more.

My first year student in Karelia university of Applied Sciences was an amazing experience because I had a chance to approach new subjects and new teaching methods. University is the best opportunity for me to improve and develop my business knowledge and skills. University life teaches me how to self-study by reading textbook, concentrate on what teacher said and take notes all important things. The interesting thing I like about International Business program in Karelia is that all the courses are closely linked together and supported each other so I not only study in one – side of business but also in many aspects related to economic.

At university, if a student has any problems, about anything, there’s student counselling who are very kind and thoughtful to help out and give advises as much as possible. University life also connects me with other students through class, group meeting and other activities, I have a chance to socialize and make new friends from different nationality.  The more I study at Karelia, the more I like the university.

Phuong Nguyen, 2nd year in International Business